Kmart Australia selling Havaianas footwear for just $12

An Aussie summer favourite, stocked by Kmart specifically for the Black Friday sales, are still walking out the door in the arms of happy customers, almost a week after the annual shopping event.

Despite the sale having come and gone, Kmart is still selling Havaianas at the bargain price of just $12.

The thongs are typically sold for $30 for plain designs, and as much as $50 or $60 for designs featuring Disney characters or other prints.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by customers.

“Run to Kmart,” said 21-year-old Sydney TikToker @Tinayahhhhhhh as she pointed out the affordable footwear.

The thongs come in various colours including black, rose gold and rose (pink).

Social media reactions were mixed, with many New Zealand customers disappointed the bargain item hadn’t materialised in their stores.

“Once I see these in NZ Kmarts I’m buying five pairs,” one person said. “About to last me the next 10 years.”

Another wrote: “People still wear thongs? I thought slides were the trend these days.”

One disgruntled shopper said: “After I just paid full price last week.”

“I remember when everyone and their mother wore Havaianas,” another commented on the clip.

One joked: “If it doesn’t have the stud I don’t want it.”

“We really are missing out *sighs @NZ kmart*,” one said, trying to prompt the NZ arm of the store into action.

“See you tomorrow Kmart,” one simply said.

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