How Big W shopper scored $800 PS5 for just $9

A Big W shopper is over the moon after he scored an $800 Play Station 5 for just $9 with a simple hack.

The customer took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page to reveal just how he knocked such a staggering amount off the bill.

He said he used Everyday Rewards – which can also be used at Woolworths – to snag the product.

For every 2000 points on a shop, customers can earn $10 off their next shop.

The man said he combined his points from his shops at the department store and the grocery store to bank up a collection.

He then used the $10 he had collected each time he shopped to knock down the price.

One of the hacks he used to rack up a huge collection was by buying the prepaid Visa cards when Woolworths has booster points on them.

That way, he can earn points when doing things such as paying bills with the Visa cards.

It took the man 18 months to collect $1000 from the rewards system, spending the remaining amount on various items.

Social media users were impressed by the $790 discount.

“Great way to show how rewarding points can be,” one person commented on the post.

Another said: “This is now officially my only goal for 2023.”

One added: “bro I can’t save $50 without spending it.”

Play Station 5 consoles have been notoriously difficult to get in Australia since their release in 2020, with Sony facing three major issues.

One is a global shortage on microchips that are needed for the console to work, and another is the war in Ukraine as it impacted logistics.

The third – although not as large an issue – has been scalpers who buy up the product and then raise the price.

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