Qantas flight QF1 to London forced to make emergency landing in Azerbaijan

A Qantas plane travelling from Singapore to London has been diverted to Azerbaijan due to a fault in the cockpit.

Flight QF1 was ten hours into its journey when it was forced to land after pilots received an intermittent fault indicator. It will be inspected by engineers prior to continuing its journey.

It is unclear what caused the fault, but the A380 plane was met by fire and rescue teams upon landing.

There are 356 passengers on board the plane and they are expected to be escorted off while it is inspected, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the outlet, a flight plan has been lodged for Baku to London which suggests the flight could be grounded until 4pm local time. Passengers could face a seven-hour wait.

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“Our flight from Singapore to London has made an unscheduled landing at Baku Airport in Azerbaijan after pilots received an intermittent fault indicator in the cockpit,” a Qantas spokesman said.

“Engineers will inspect the aircraft prior to continuing its journey.”

In a lengthy statement posted to Instagram, Heydar Aliyev Airport said the plane was diverted to Baku due to “smoke generated in the cargo compartment”.

“The plane landed successfully at 7.08 local time. There were no injuries during the accident,” the translated statement read.

“The aircraft is currently being inspected and a complex of necessary measures is being taken to determine all the causes of the incident.”

Passenger Nik Long, in a Facebook post, said it was his understanding the pilot chose to land in Baku to be cautious and “put safety first”.

“It was a smoke sensor in the bulk cargo hold,” he said.

“We’re waiting for the crew to check things out before we resume.

“We’re all fine.”

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