Boss tells female tradie that her colleagues find her ‘intimidating’

A female tradie has revealed that her boss pulled her aside to let her know men at work were finding her intimidating.

Kiki, who works in Toronto, Canada was left stunned by her boss’s actions.

The female tradie took to her TikTok account, @queeen_barbiiee, to tell her 6000 followers what went down, The Sun reported.

She said: “My boss pulled me aside today.

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“Apparently, the guys on the work site are intimidated.

“Me knowing this is ridiculous, just stared until he apologised.”

The video soon went viral with over 860k views and people quickly took to the comments section to defend Kiki.

Many said they found her intimidating because of her good looks and that the male colleagues probably found it distracting.

One wrote: “That’s just because you are cuter than they are.”

A second person added: “Distracting I would say.”

Another commented: “More than likely can’t concentrate.”

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “Intimidated!? why?”

In other videos, Kiki has revealed some of the difficulties she faces being a female in a predominantly male industry.

She said: “Blue collard women rules.”

Kiki noted that you have to work twice as hard as the men do and not to take jokes seriously or you won’t survive.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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