Bronte Beach, Sydney, trashed by Christmas Day partiers

One of Sydney’s most popular beaches was left covered in rubbish after hundreds flocked to the location for Christmas Day celebrations, infuriating locals.

An eastern beaches resident shared a series of shocking photos of the trashed grass area at Bronte Beach to a Facebook group on Monday morning.

“Lots of shoes left at Bronte from yesterday‘s Xmas backpacker festival,” the user wrote.

“They are still there if you’d like them along with everything else that was left there.”

Local and life member of Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club David Stone said it was the “worst [he has] seen in 20 years”.

“The rubbish carnage (was) so bad that locals and lifeguards voluntarily joined the extra council cleaners to clear it up,” he told NCA NewsWire.

“Personally I collected bottles, food, clothing including underwear, broken glass and heaps of drugs paraphernalia, plastic bags.”

“Sad that it was all just dropped everywhere.”

Mr Stone said he was concerned the mess would prompt the local Council to introduce a paid ticketed system for major holidays.

“It would be a shame and I would hate to see it fenced and pay for entry at prime times but people need to take responsibility for their rubbish,” he said.

Outraged by the sight, other locals flooded the comments section of the Facebook post to express their disgust.

“Appalling, such lack of respect, there should be fines enforced,” one wrote.

“Revolting. No respect,” another wrote.

“Awful! I feel for the council workers who have to clean up this disgusting mess,” a third said.

“OMG that’s shameful,” another said.

One resourceful commenter suggested that clothes and shoes abandoned on the beachside should be collected and dropped off at local second-hand stores.

“Take all the clothes and shoes to charity,” they said.

“Shame shame shame on you all who left all your belongings and your rubbish,” another wrote.

Many of the comments shared the same message of disappointment that the natural landscape would be ruined for tourists and locals.

“Disgusting. Bronte is such a beautiful place. Many people come to enjoy this beautiful beach,” one user said.

“Some people don’t have any respect,” a second said.

“Only know how to make a big party never know how to clean up their mess,” another wrote.

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