Olivia Molly Rogers edits ex-husband Justin McKeone out of wedding video

Former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers has had her estranged husband Justin McKeone edited out of their wedding video following the couple’s split in October.

The pair had been together for over four years, but only tied the knot in February.

Rogers took to TikTok on Boxing Day to reveal that she had contacted her wedding videographer to re-edit the footage.

“Since my ex and I broke up, my lovely videographer did an edit of our wedding video that is just me, my friends and family,” she said.

“I am so grateful that I can remember the day in my own way.”

The clip featured imagery of Rogers’ stunning wedding day look and clips of her bridesmaids and family while the audio was a touching speech by her father delivered on the day.

In it, he reveals he named Olivia after Olivia Newton John and his grandmother Molly.

There was even a snippet of her proud parents walking her down the aisle.

Her father spoke of how proud he was of his daughter, and her brave decision to leave her life in Adelaide behind to take a chance at becoming a model in Sydney.

McKeone was nowhere to be seen in the clip.

Rogers’ social media following shared an outpouring of love for the clip.

“That’s a really sweet idea. I’m divorced but I love my wedding photos and that I had that day with my loved ones. It’s a lovely video,” one said.

Another added: “This is a great idea! What a fabulous edit! Very special! You are amazing.”

It comes after a clip on Friday where Rogers took to TikTok to ask if a family member was trying to take a dig at her – and revealed a key detail about the break-up.

“I was telling my friend a story today – and I thought I would share it with TikTok because it is quite funny,” she said.

“I left my husband about three months ago and everyone’s been really supportive but I had a family member say something to me.

“At the time I was like I’m not sure if they’re trying to be funny and in hindsight I’m like, no it was definitely a dig.”

The undisclosed family member asked if Rogers’ had ever thought about acting. When she said she wasn’t interested, the family member said she’d “been acting well for the past four years”.

People had mixed reactions, with some thinking it was a dig while others thought it was a mix of the two.

One social media follower said: “Maybe they mean you’ve been so composed on the surface and they had no idea your marriage was struggling, I’m not sure!

“It could be something nice that came out wrong.”

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