Kmart shoppers divided on new receipt scanner when exiting

Kmart shoppers are divided when it comes to changes in the way their receipts are checked at the exit of the store.

Employees of the department store have always checked the dockets and bags of customers – even when the check-outs were near the store’s exits.

However, sometimes the system would cause congestion as customers had to wait their turn during busy times.

Earlier this year, Kmart switched up the method so that staff working at the exit were given a device that scans receipts digitally. understands the feedback for the new method of checking receipts has been mixed, with some being positive but others not impressed.

“Having to queue for limited check outs, now we have to queue to have our dockets scanned before we are allowed to leave a store,” one customer said on social media about the switch up.

“Hope Kmart realises this does nothing for honest shoppers as thieves will still just walk on out with full trolleys.”

Meanwhile, another customer who frequents the Kmart in Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner-west, told 7 News that they’d “never seen anything like it before”.

“People weren’t happy at the holdup and how we were basically being treated like criminals,” the customer said, expressing concern for the staff member tasked with the job.

A Kmart spokesperson told “At Kmart, we strive to deliver an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to all our customers whether they choose to shop with us in-store or online.

“Earlier this year we introduced digital receipt scanning to assist in our existing process of receipt and bag checks before leaving the store, which is a condition of entry across all of our stores and has been for many years.

“This introduction creates a more streamlined experience that is easier for both customers and team members.”

Last year it was announced Kmart was ditching paper receipts in favour of “digital smart receipts” using a tech platform called Slyp.

Instead of traditional paper receipts, most of which are not recyclable due to the type of ink used when printing, Kmart customers will receive a fully itemised and tax-compliant record of their transaction automatically in their bank app.

Paper receipts will still be available as “smart receipts” are currently only being offered to NAB customers, but the retailer has said “more banks are coming soon”.

The move simplifies the buying process for customers as it makes it easier to return items – and it also helps businesses such as Kmart to operate in a greener capacity.

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