Woolworths and Coles supermarkets charging $80 for traditional Christmas pudding

Aussie supermarket giants have been slammed for selling a classic Christmas dessert for an eye-watering sum.

A 2.3kg serving of Ray’s Traditional Plum Pudding will set shoppers back a staggering $80 at both Coles and Woolworths.

One frustrated shopper took to Facebook to share their disappointment at the high price, which comes as the rising cost of living continues to put pressure on Australian families this holiday season.

“Woolworths, please tell me that you’re pulling my leg with these prices,” he said.

According to the website of the Melbourne-based manufacturer, the 2.3kg portion serves 20 people and is made almost entirely by hand.

The homemade pudding is available at Woolworths in various sizes, beginning at a 900g serving for $35.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told 7 News that the higher price point boiled down to the quality of the traditional dessert, which is locally made by a family business.

“We support a number of Australian suppliers to help bring their unique products to market,” they said.

“This particular product has been handmade since 1930, and at 1.8 kilos serves 16 people (for $67).

“We know people are looking for value so all our stores also offer a range of value options starting from our Classic Plum Pudding which is $5.50.”

Ray’s pudding is also available in a 1.4kg option for $52.

Pudding patrons are also able to order the dessert directly from the manufacturer’s website, which began in the 1930s in Melbourne’s inner west, and guarantees each batch consists of one third fruit.

The family business says that only the best quality Australian ingredients are used, and that the entire process id “done individually, by staff, by hand”.

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