Canadian expat can’t get enough of $30 Australian KFC item

A Canadian man living in Australia has been blown away by a KFC menu item not available in his home country – describing the fast-food giant Down Under as “insane”.

Matt Breedon and his Aussie partner Jordan moved to Brisbane in September after meeting on Tinder and spending the last two years in Canada together.

The pair document the differences between their different cultures on TikTok, with Matt taking a starring role since arriving in Brissy.

After detailing his first experience with packets of chips, trying different chocolate blocks and of course tucking into some Vegemite on toast, Matt decided to get stuck into some of our local fast-food.

“KFC in Australia, let’s talk about it,” the Canadian states in the couple’s latest video, while opening a large takeaway box.

“This was $30. There’s four burgers, two large fries, popcorn chicken and something we do not have in Canada – nuggets.

Matt then proceeds to tuck into a nug, nodding his head in approval before saying: “They’re so good.

“The popcorn chicken has the batter from the KFC chicken tenders in Canada, it’s so much better,” he states, before concluding the food item was “unbelievable”.

Matt was also very impressed with the Australian KFC’s hot chips, which he outrageously called “fries” but we’ll let him off, declaring they have “more salt on” and were “pretty good”.

He was also pleased with the pricing, rating the $30 fee for the “Burger Feast Box” very reasonable, before declaring the Australian KFC experience was “unreal”.

Understandably, Aussies have been quick to commend Matt for the glowing review of our KFC food, though some poked fun at him for his hot chip mistake.

“Matty, Matty, Matty.. you’re in Stralya now brother, KFC has CHIPS,” one teased.

“I’m Canadian and I never liked KFC until I moved to Australia. All of it is better! No idea why,” another agreed.

“How do you not have CHICKEN nuggets back home?” someone else stated.

Others asked where his mash and gravy was, stating it was arguably the best KFC side on offer Down Under.

While some claimed the reason the chips taste so good here is due to chicken salt.

“KFC in Australia uses chicken salt instead of regular salt. Aussie exclusive,” one commented.

“They’re not fries they are hot chips,” another chipped in.

It’s not the first time an expat has claimed KFC tastes better in Australia.

In May last year, an American woman who is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in Sydney, said the fried chicken tastes “more fresh here” in a TikTok video that quickly garnered attention.

“I swear the fast food in Australia is so much better than the fast food in America because the quality of the food is just a lot better, like you can see it in the photos and the videos as well,” Sophia declared.

Her video got hundreds of comments from Aussies, who said it was down to “fresh produce” and food rules being different to the United States.

“I think it’s because Australia has really high food safety/food quality standards from our government,” one person wrote.

“Australia has some of the highest food standard globally. Whereas America uses chemicals in everything,” another said.

Others said Australia’s fast food quality was one of its best-kept secrets, with one person commenting: “Don’t tell the world, it might catch on.”

“I swear the first time I ate McDonald’s in Australia, I was like wow, this is sooooo much better. Macca’s in America is literally the worst,” another wrote.

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