Woolworths hack saves mum $80 at supermarket

An Australian mother has revealed how she saved $80 on her grocery shop at supermarket giant Woolworths in a bid to help others.

The woman took to TikTok under the name @katerampal to reveal how she made the savings at Woolworths in a bid to keep the bills down as she has five kids between the ages of 10 and one.

“I’m gonna give you some hacks, and hopefully it will help, because it’s expensive out there.” she said.

Her first piece of advice was to grab a SIM card from Woolworths, as it isn’t a locked in plan and doesn’t have inclusions.

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“What this does is give you a code every single month for 10 per cent off your grocery totals, so if you save that code for when you do a big pantry top-up and grab those nappies, cleaning products etc,” she said.

“Use that code – it works. They say up to $500 but I recently used it for one a bit over and it gave me the full 10 per cent off.”

She said after the 10 per cent off was applied, shoppers should log back in to their Woolworths mobile account to grab discounted gift cards.

Kate said that shoppers could then pay for their grocery shop with their discounted gift cards.

“It usually totals 4 per cent so, combined with the code, it’s a total discount of 14 per cent before you’ve even shopped specials.

She said everyone knows that groceries are costly at the moment so she hoped she could help someone score a bargain.

As a mum-of-five, with kids who eat “all the time” it was incredible to save $80 where she could, like she had done in her most recent shop.

“It makes a huge difference – Woolworths mobile is worth getting,” she said.

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