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Aussie fans went absolutely bonkers when Mitch Duke’s header in the 23rd minute against Tunisia found its way into the back of the net.


9PM Japan 0 v Costa Rica 1

MIDNIGHT Belgium v Morocco

3AM Croatia v Canada

6AM Spain v Germany

Wild scenes unfolded in the stadium crowd, in bars across the globe and in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

But in footage captured by the BBC, Graham Arnold’s joy very quickly turned into a white-hot rage.

The Socceroos coach celebrated briefly before he vented his frustrations in the direction of skipper Mat Ryan.

Arnold was seen pointing and screaming at the goalkeeper, shouting at him to go and celebrate with his teammates.

The moment from the Socceroos manager shows just how much he wants the team to be truly bonded.

Saudis pull handbrake on players’ Rollers deal

– New York Post

It will go down in history as one of the biggest World Cup upsets of all time, but the entire Saudi Arabia team will not be each gifted with a new Rolls-Royce for their deeds.

Team coach Herve Renard has swiped a report that his 26 players would be received the luxury cars by the royal family following their shocking 2-1 win over Argentina.

Several publications reported that crown prince Mohammed bin Salman would be giving out RM6 Million Rolls-Royces, but it seems that the claim in fact surfaced via a tweet from a Pakistani dentist, who was ill-informed.

“There is nothing true about this,” Renard said. “We have a very serious federation and ministry of sport and it is not the time to get something at this moment.”

Saudi Arabia lost 2-0 to Poland in its second group stage match on Saturday morning, needing a win to secure advancement to the knockout stage.

Saudi Arabia forward Saleh al-Shehri also called the report false.

“It’s not true,” he said. “We are here to serve our country and do our best. That is the rewards.”

Perhaps. But a Rolls would be a nice add-on.

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