Plus sized woman reveals horrifying comments about her relationship

A US woman has revealed the hurtful comments strangers make about her marriage, saying that her attractive husband is “out of her league” and she’s “punching”.

Gina Miyares, 28, has been happily married to Josh, 24, for the last three years but says people are still surprised when they find out they are a couple.

The pair regularly receive comments from others claiming their marriage is “fake” or that Josh “must be gay”.

Josh leads an active lifestyle and Gina is plus-sized and confident with her curves – which she says “Josh absolutely loves”.

Despite the negativity, Gina and Josh are very secure in their relationship and laugh at the remarks.

Gina, a resident director at a school, from Boston, Massachusetts, US, said: “I’ve had people say, ‘Oh wow, I’m surprised you two are together as Josh is so active and fit.’

“People don’t understand how you can love someone plus-sized.

“They say our marriage is fake and that Josh is very attractive.

“They even say I look like a man, which is ridiculous, or they think Josh is secretly gay and pretending to like me.

“It’s rude, but I’ve heard it so much now that it doesn’t bother me,” she said.

“I feel bad for these people as they don’t know what it’s like to feel unconditional love.”

Josh, who works in educational programming at a school, said: “Sometimes it does get to me when people are comparing down Gina’s appearance.

“I want to yell at social media sometimes.

“It hurts to see people saying these things about my gorgeous wife.”

Gina and Josh met as work colleagues in 2017 and hit it off as friends before getting closer and starting to date in May 2018.

The pair had a whirlwind romance and Josh proposed in October 2018 after five months of dating.

“We were friends first, so it was very close,” Gina said.

The couple tied the knot in August 2019 and have been trying for a baby for the last two years.

They post online about their relationship and struggles with fertility but have faced negative comments.

“We put ourselves on the internet, but we are aware people can be mean,” Gina said.

“Some days it does get to me when I’m not feeling good about myself.

“Most of the time it doesn’t bother me.”

Josh is able to laugh about comments claiming he must be gay and is pretending to like Gina.

“We laugh about it ourselves,” Josh said.

“What is hurtful is the assumptions made.”

“Josh and I are just spending time together and in love,” Gina said. “We’re secure in ourselves.”

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